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Closing on the Blockchain: Is Crypto the Near Future of Real Estate? with Amy Chorew

podcast Dec 27, 2022

Metaverse, blockchain, cryptocurrency, web3, DeFi - these aren’t just buzzwords. They are terms that are rapidly changing how transactions are happening right now. The idea of having closings take place on the blockchain, and doing down payments in crypto sounds extremely futuristic, but this is now a reality.

Real estate is fraught with fraud, but implementing the blockchain in how we buy and sell homes is already solving this problem.

What do agents need to know about all these concepts?

In this episode, Realtor, speaker, and real estate tech pioneer, Amy Chorew helps us wrap our heads around Decentralized Finance and gives us the scoop on where the opportunities are.


The blockchain is a group of computers that are decentralized so when a transaction is put up on the blockchain thousands of computers are verifying if it’s a true transaction - that’s what mining is.  - Amy Chorew


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Common consumer problems that will be solved by the blockchain
    How is blockchain changing everything from health records to buying cars?

  • The immutability of the blockchain
    Will the blockchain eliminate a lot of the fraud we see in real estate?
  • 4 ways the blockchain is enabling an easier home-buying process
    Can people get access to capital and collateral via blockchain?


Guest Bio-

Amy Chorew is an active Realtor, speaker, and educator. She is involved in new home sales, investment properties, and listing well-staged homes in Connecticut. Since 2008, Amy has been on the national speaking circuit teaching industry professionals about technology and sales strategies to help improve their real estate business.

Her learning and consulting company “Curated Learning” is responsible for helping organizations and real estate companies enhance their training content and platforms. Onboarding programs, new agent training, and top agent programs have been their focus. Amy is working on launching three new programs: Web3, Blockchain, and Real Estate, Value Proposition – How to articulate your value to today’s consumer as well as a program called Fiscal Fitness. Working with a CPA this program will make sure real estate agents are keeping more of the money they make and investing it wisely!

Amy is also active as a committee member on two of NAR’s committees, Data Strategies, and Federal Technology Policy. She is also a member of the Women’s Council of REALTORS® and various training organizations.

To find out about Amy’s Web3 course, send an email to [email protected].

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