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Create New Lanes of Value By Leveraging Your Time, Talent & Identity w/Candace Spears

podcast May 04, 2021

In a rapidly evolving marketplace, agents who define themselves by their job title, and not by value risk getting left in the dust. Seeing the market through the lens of a traditional transaction will make us irrelevant, fast.

To stay ahead, we have to redefine what it means to work in real estate, and think beyond buying and selling homes.

What critical steps do we need to take to form our value around our time, talent and identity? How do we find unique opportunities to solve pain points? What mindset do we need to switch into if we want to succeed in a low inventory market?

In this episode, entrepreneur, author, life and business coach, investor and host of Ambition, Honey & Hustle, Candace Spears, shares why tapping into your superpowers makes you a better entrepreneur.

There’s so much gold in recognizing how valuable you are and how valuable you can be to other people.  - Candace Spears


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • The amazing power of knowing your value
    When our identities get wrapped up in our failures, we lose sight of the value we bring. How do we snap out of self-doubt, and remind ourselves of our brilliance?

  • Where the greatest opportunity lies for agents today
    Is your mind open to the value-add real estate adjacent opportunities you can add to your service offering?
  • How to create new lanes of value in real estate
    How do we look beyond the structure of a traditional real estate transaction so that we’re always relevant and valuable under any market conditions?


Guest Bio- 

Candace is an entrepreneur, author, life and business coach, marketer, investor and host of Ambition, Honey & Hustle. She runs the Facebook group Escape Corporate, Snatch Freedom and Build Legacy. Candace specializes in helping women become legendary by removing corporate shackles, reframing mindsets, magnifying confidence, and unleashing hidden potential onto the world through service-based entrepreneurship.

For more information, visit, follow @candacespears.

Join the Facebook Group Escape Corporate, Snatch Freedom and Build Legacy here.

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