No Cold Calls, No Direct Mail: How to Generate High-Converting Leads in a Low Inventory Market w/Chad Keller

podcast Jun 01, 2021

How are agents and investors generating thousands of motivated seller leads in a low inventory market, without direct mail or cold calling? Now more than ever, the focus of our seller lead generation needs to be quality over quantity, especially online.

Our ads and content need to cut through the noise, and reach the people who are ready to take action right now.

Why is Google a great place to generate motivated leads? How do we use it with Facebook to supercharge our ad campaigns? In this episode, I’m joined by marketing expert, real estate investor and co-founder of Motivated Leads, Chad Keller.

With over 5000 motivated seller leads generated across the country, Chad shares his high-level marketing tactics that work in any market.

Getting the right clicks gives Facebook the right data to learn from. The more clicks you get, the more awareness you get, and the more leads you’ll generate.  - Chad Keller


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Chad’s winning strategy for turning Google into a solid seller lead source
    If Google is the largest search engine on the planet, how do we leverage it to generate motivated seller leads?

  • How to write ad copy that converts the leads you want
    What keywords do we need to include in our advertising to cut through the noise and speak directly to the sellers we’re looking for?
  • How to increase your advertising ROI by going super narrow in your focus
    Why is Chad Keller so laser-specific about the kind of home he’s looking for and including it in his ads?


Guest Bio- 

Chad Keller is a marketing expert, real estate investor and co-founder of Motivated Leads. Motivated Leads is a group of digital marketing experts with a strong background in real estate. Their service generates 5000 motivated seller leads across the country.

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