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Deal Winner, Time Saver: How to Close More Deals With Polished Presentations w/Mark Choey and Randy Tobbe

podcast Nov 14, 2023

In a tight inventory market, we can’t leave our lead conversion to chance. Agents need to do two key things to win listings. We need to be first to respond to a lead and, more importantly, respond with outstanding presentations and marketing materials. The leads we generate are gold. Sending a basic email with attachments just won’t cut it. 

How does Highnote solve both the speed and quality issues when it comes to responding to leads? How can we use it to up our marketing game? 

In this episode, I’m joined by the founder and business development leader of, Mark Choey, and Randy Tobbe. They share how their tool helps agents win more listings without doing a lot more work.

In this market where listings are fewer, leads are even more valuable now. You have to convert them and you can’t leave that to chance. -Mark Choey

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Don’t slow down because the market’s slow 
    Right now agents are retreating, cutting back on marketing spend, and even leaving the business entirely. Why is this the best time to double down on our efforts?
  • Win the listing before you even show up
    How do we wow leads with our presentations and instantly stand out from the crowd?
  • The power of a polished presentation 
    There are 7 stages in all sales cycles. How can we leverage a tool like Highnote at every stage


Guest Bio

Mark is the founder of Highnote, a new presentation and proposal platform for sales and marketing professionals. His prior experience as a top 250 US real estate brokerage (Climb Real Estate) founder, a top producing sales person (#2 in condo sales in San Francisco), Masters in computer engineering, and experience with product design gives him unique insights into what makes for great software for the working sales and marketing industry. 

Randy is the sales and business development leader at Highnote. For more information, head to

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