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The AI Craze Continues: How to Use it to Supercharge Your Agent Recruiting with Diana Zaya

podcast May 02, 2023

There are still a lot of people on the fence about leveraging AI in their real estate business, but the truth is, AI is a natural add-on to what we do. It makes us more effective at the various aspects of our job - from marketing all the way up to recruiting.

How can we use a tool like Relitix to improve our recruiting and training efforts? What are some of the ways we can leverage the data?

In this episode, I’m joined by the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, at Relitix, Diana Zaya. She shares all the resources and insights their platform puts into the hands of real estate leaders.


AI techniques, applications and tools work best when they are combined with the human soft skills that we all possess. It’s just going to make you much more efficient at what you’re already doing.  - Diana Zaya


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How to spot the right recruits faster
    Can AI cut a lot of the work out of identifying the right agents for our brands?

  • Valuable recruiting insights we can gain through AI
    Can we predict the highest flight risks?
  • How to effectively train fresh talent
    How can we use AI to build loyalty with newer agents so they stay with us when they become successful and other companies come knocking?


Guest Bio-

Diana is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing and one of the founding team members of Relitix, a data analytics company specializing in the use of data science applications such as machine learning, big data analytics, and data visualization for agent recruitment and retention. Diana began her career working as a residential Real Estate Agent and quickly grew to being a recognized and celebrated up-and-comer in the industry. During this time, she found a passion for helping agents that were struggling and developed and led agent coaching programs.

Apart from the real estate industry, Diana has also trained and led teams for highly respected companies such as American Express, Hyatt, and Hilton Hotels. Her unique experience in working with and interpreting real estate data makes her a sought-after resource for many of the nation’s largest and most respected real estate brokerages. Diana has also served on many boards and committees, most recently as Board Chair for Home of the Sparrow, which seeks to empower homeless women to move from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

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