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The Secret to Branding Yourself Like a Fortune 500 Company As a Brand Spanking New Real Estate Agent w/Franke Joehl

podcast Jan 11, 2022

From Fortune 500 companies to individual real estate agents, it’s important to have a brand that’s so distinct that it cuts through the noise of a crowded marketplace. Great brands don’t happen by chance, there’s a process we have to follow from our core values all the way through to our colors, logos and our messaging.

There are so many real estate agents in America, so standing out is key to our survival. How do we build a brand that becomes highly recognizable in our markets? What do the best companies do when it comes to branding?

In this episode, I’m joined by branding expert, real estate entrepreneur, speaker, and podcast host, Franke Joehl. He shares a simple but effective process we can follow to build a strong brand in real estate.

Once you pick out the particular core value words you want to represent your brand, you can easily convey that into messaging, colors and the images that you go with.   - Franke Joehl


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Why our branding needs to appease the marketplace but still be authentic
    How do we make sure we’re not conveying a brand and messaging that’s confusing potential clients.

  • The first step to powerful branding
    What are the foundational pieces of branding that make it easier to choose the logo, slogan, colors and even the hashtags?
  • How to do high-level market research without spending a dime
    How can we infuse our brands with tactics and strategies from the best in the marketing field?


Guest Bio-

Franke Joehl started in the Real Estate Industry with EXIT Realty in 2015 at age 18 and through the years serving in multiple roles he has found his passion for Teaching, Coaching, and Developing Agents and Brokerages. Starting in the industry as an executive assistant for a team, becoming a licensed agent, transitioning to Director of Agent Development for a multi-location brokerage to ultimately moving into a Leadership role with a regional sub franchisor, Franke has been on multiple sides of the Real Estate Transaction and uses this knowledge learned to teach and train agents and brokers to success using Social Media.

Currently serving as Director of Operations for EXIT Realty Alabama and Mississippi, recently named EXIT Realty Corp. International’s 2021 Region of the Year, Franke is responsible for maintaining franchise records and compliance, onboarding of new offices, coaching and training of agents, and overall operations for the entire region. Franke is a National Speaker, speaking across the US and Canada and the creator of Fearlessly Authentic Coaching and The Fearlessly Authentic Podcast, which are dedicated to helping real estate agents with all things Social Media, Marketing, and Branding while still being their Fearlessly Authentic Self.

For more of Franke’s branding strategies, subscribe to his YouTube channel, and text FRANKE to 85377. Follow @frankejoehl on Instagram.

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