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Build Omnipresence Across Platforms: How to Repurpose Content Like a Pro with Hani Mourra

podcast Jun 27, 2023

One of the challenges in our marketing efforts is staying consistent across multiple platforms.

There are YouTube Shorts, Reels, TikToks, and also blogs, and emails. It’s all a lot to stay on top of, but luckily we have tools to make it easier. The secret to consistent, quality content is repurposing what we create, and turbocharging it with AI.

How do we get started with short-form videos? How does repurposing save us both time and money? In this episode, the CEO and founder of, Hani Mourra shares how to bring efficiency to our marketing with one tool.


If someone watches a bigger percentage of your video, the algorithm will give you more attention.  - Hani Mourra


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Create your content archive
    We can’t guarantee that our content will stay on social media platforms forever. How do we back up our content using

  • Be everywhere without doing everything
    How do we stretch our brands across social media without wasting time?
  • The future of social media
    How can we infuse content creation with AI for the ultimate efficiency?


Guest Bio-

Hani Mourra is a husband, Dad, CEO and founder of, an easy-to-use automation tool that helps entrepreneurs, coaches, and content creators maximize their exposure without spending hours publishing to multiple platforms.

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