How to Attract Clients, Build a Local Following & Generate Agent Referrals on Instagram w/Dustin Brohm

podcast Feb 14, 2019

Our industry is behind when it comes leveraging social media and technology for marketing, and it’s affecting our businesses in a major way. What are some of the social media basics we really have to master? How do we increase our reach, engagement and lead generation using Instagram posts and Instagram stories? What tools and apps can we use along with Instagram to make our content more impactful?

On this episode, I’m joined by agent, real estate marketing expert, and host of The Massive Agent Podcast, Dustin Brohm, to talk about raising the standard of social media in our industry and using it the right way.

Watch the Full Interview:

People resonate the most with you, your authentic self, and your real life. -Dustin Brohm

At the start of the show, Dustin spoke about the huge challenge most agents have when it comes to social media, marketing and tech. Next, we talked about why constantly posting your listings won’t increase engagement or followers. Dustin also shared on some of his most successful content, and what we can learn from that. We also talked about why you shouldn’t overthink the content you’re putting out, and the best tools we can use along with Instagram.

Dustin also shared on:

  • Why scripted content doesn’t work
  • Thoughts on IGTV
  • How to leverage Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp together

Every element of real estate has a tech component, and nowadays, every part of our marketing and branding has to have a social media aspect. The way we utilize social media is very important. If we’re constantly posting content that just sells to people, doesn’t pique their interest, and doesn’t authentically show who you are, you won’t make an impact. The relevance and authenticity of your content is how people make the connection with you, and it makes them want to buy from you.

Guest Bio-
Dustin Brohm is a Realtor in Salt Lake, Utah, the host of Massive Agent Podcast, and a national speaker and trainer. He is a marketer at heart that used technology to make his brand a client magnet in his area. In the present, he shares his knowledge about digital marketing, advertising, and branding on his podcast and at speaking events. For more information, go to and check out Dustin’s podcast here

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