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How to Be a More Effective Storyteller w/Kyle Draper

podcast Oct 01, 2019

Great content isn’t just about great visuals, it’s about resonance and the impact of the message. Real estate agents miss out on this and end up posting content that does nothing to connect with people. What is the real estate community getting wrong about storytelling, and how can we fix this? How do we craft content that people will respond to?

On this episode, I’m joined by real estate marketing coach and storytelling expert, and NAR Conference speaker, Kyle Draper. We talk about how we can make our content better with simple changes to our strategy.

Watch the Full Interview:

If I speak from a place of pain, everyone relates, and if I speak from a place of success, people feel disconnected. -Kyle Draper

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Context is key to great storytelling. If we don’t share with people the journey and the struggle we went through to get to that moment, it won’t resonate.
  • Focus on talking about struggles, challenges and hurdles we’ve overcome. If we focus on our success, we alienate the majority of people.
  • When we go live on Facebook/Instagram/YouTube, we bypass the need for editing, which is something most of us struggle with. Our challenge with video content comes down to not liking what we look like or sound like, and not knowing what to say.

At the start of the show, Kyle shared how he started out as a pastor, then transitioned to coaching agents, and how his preaching life contributes to being good at storytelling. Next, we talked about the importance of putting context into the content we post, and how to avoid alienating people. We also talked about why Facebook Live is better and easier when we don’t want to edit videos or pay someone to do it.

We also discussed;

  • How to package our success with the story of where we’ve come from
  • Why consuming content is key to creating good content
  • How to fix our mindset on social media

The difference between content that generate leads, views and tractions and the ones that don’t, is our ability to tell a story. What makes us good storytellers is the ability to add context to our content so that the audience understands why that moment is important to us. We also need to think of what people would respond to, and for the most part it’s not our success, it’s the things we’ve had to overcome. That’s how we make an unforgettable impact.

Guest Bio- 

Kyle is the “Connector of Dots” and a “Master Storyteller.” In Kyle’s 20’s he spent almost 10 years as a student pastor, which made him a 5th generation pastor in his family. He then cut his teeth in sales and marketing when his family started a roofing company that he led for almost 3 years. Then he jumped into real estate and began building websites and offering marketing services to Realtors. This turned into him teaching social media, marketing and leadership to Realtors from around the country. So, when was born, it was just the obvious next thing for this multi-passionate entrepreneur! During his time in the Real Estate Industry, he stumbled into teaching social media. He quickly realized his passion and skill set made him a perfect fit to teach, guide and instruct entrepreneurs in increasing their own knowledge and ability on social media. Kyle is here to help you feel empowered in your life and business, to help you leverage and expand your reach through social media platforms and influence marketing! Kyle is the real deal, as he has built successful businesses and found a passion for teaching people how to tell their story through Facebook Live and multiple video platforms. For more info, go to To get in touch with Kyle, email [email protected].


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