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How to Bridge Our Online & Offline Marketing w/Alex Camelio

podcast Oct 08, 2019

In this age of social media, technology and digital, it’s hard to imagine any offline marketing methods still being relevant to us today, but very often the offline makes the online more successful. What are the most effective types of offline marketing? How do we craft content that can generate leads? How do we choose the kind of marketing to invest our time and money in?

On this episode, real estate and tech expert, Alex Camelio, discusses why agents shouldn’t count offline marketing out.


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Technology is supposed to save us time or get us better results, if it’s not doing that, it’s not technology. -Kyle Draper

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Direct mail has become extremely effective for generating leads. The top performing type of direct mail is simple and not too salesy. 
  • Don’t ask people to just mention you if real estate comes up. We should start connecting to life situations like someone getting married, having a baby or downsizing. When that reference point comes up, they will think of us. 
  • Our marketing activity should be based on where we are in our real estate career.
    Early on, we have to fill our pipeline first, but down the line, we have to switch to nurturing referrals.

At the start of the show Alex talked about the tech-minded offline marketing activity every agent should be doing right now. Next, he defined sales letters and the kind of content we should put in our direct mail to generate leads. We also talked about the importance of our content connecting with people and a need they have.

We also discussed;

  • The importance of giving away value in our content
  • The best calls-to-action for sales letters
  • Whether it’s okay to buy leads

Real estate agents and teams are seeing a lot of success with direct mail, and this trend isn’t as unique as we might think. Amazon has sent out direct mail pieces and have gotten great traction from it. Sending simple, informational pieces out into our database can actually help us connect with people, bring value to them and become the trusted entity they will want to talk to when a real estate need arises.

Guest Bio- 

Alex Camelio is an entrepreneur, tech expert and managing partner of Agent Inner Circle, a real estate agent community with over 50,000 members. Go to to join the community, and to learn about the Real Estate Success system. 


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