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How to Improve Your Mental & Spiritual Fitness in the Face of Challenges w/Steve Werner

podcast Jun 06, 2019

The real estate crash of 2008 may be over a decade ago, but many of us are still traumatized by it. How do we condition ourselves so that we can recover from the challenges we face in business? What are the ways we can strengthen ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

On this episode, I’m joined by author of The Titan, founder of the Hour of Champions and my good friend, Steve Werner who talks about his work helping people overcome anxiety and depression and his own path.

Watch the Full Interview:

In order to be the best version of yourself and get through anxious moments, you have to be conditioned spiritually, mentally, and physically. -Steve Werner

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Nobody in business is immune to stress, anxiety and depression.
  • There’s a difference between mental illness and sadness and fear resulting from a difficult life event.  
  • Stop rehearsing for disaster by worrying about what’s going to happen. It only depletes your energy.


Sometimes life is a lot like going into battle. We have difficult challenges and circumstances thrown at us, and it can be hard to overcome them. In order to win any battle, we must be physically fit, mentally sound so that we don’t become overwhelmed when difficult moments arise. If we have faith in our higher power, we’ll always be led out of the challenges into the direction of our dreams.  


Guest Bio-

Steve Werner is a Success and Business Coach who engages his clients through years of entrepreneurial experience. As founder of Hour Of Champions a life style and coaching company Steve guides his clients through the battle against stress, anxiety and life’s challenges.

Over the years, Steve has learned many times to adapt and reinvent himself to keep up with an ever-changing marketplace. With over thirty years’ experience in a wide array of businesses, Steve has gained the knowledge and expertise to help individuals and high achievers deal with adversity. Go to for more information, and to get news about the the re-release of Steve’s workbook.


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