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How to Perfect Your PR & Find Media Opportunities w/Christina Daves

podcast Apr 02, 2019

One of the most powerful things we can do take our real estate businesses to the next level is to generate publicity. What is an easy, impactful thing we can do, and how does it protect our businesses from the ever-changing nature of social media platforms? Why is it so important for us to have a niche and become an expert in it? On this episode, PR expert Christina Daves shares how we can get PR famous.

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You’ve got to show that you are an expert—ideally in a niche. -Christina Daves

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Your business shouldn’t be completely reliant on social media. Algorithms change, apps can get shut down (like Vine) or a platform can have a temporary outage.
  • The money is in the list. Use an opt-in to give people something of value so that they give you their email address, allowing you to grow your list.
  • Seek PR opportunities in your local market. You have the ability to stand out as a valuable asset to publications in that area.

When it comes to getting more visibility, we tend to put our focus on social media and nothing else. But when you rely solely on social media, you are subject to all the changes and shifts that characterize all the platforms. A social media strategy that works right now might fail in the future. To protect yourself from this, make sure you have your contacts and relationships in an email marketing list. It’s also so important for us to find a niche, because it will be powerful for getting media exposure, visibility and customers. Ultimately, when you have these pieces in place, your social media will serve as a very powerful megaphone.

Guest Bio-

Christina Daves is a serial entrepreneur, award-winning inventor, bestselling author and publicity expert. To get in touch with her, go to and to get Christina’s free opt-in and learn how to Get PR Famous in Real Estate, go to  

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