How to Use Chatbots to Have Better Conversations & Generate Leads w/Zach Hammer

podcast Mar 01, 2019

Chatbots are a new way for us to engage with potential clients and automate our scripts. What are some of the mistakes many of us are making with chatbots? How can we leverage bots to learn more valuable information about prospects? Can one chatbot do it all?

On this episode, Real Estate Growth Hackers founder, Zach Hammer, shares how we can use chatbots to grow our business.

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The goal of a chatbot isn’t to replicate or replace the conversation—it’s to start the conversation. –Zach Hammer

At the start of the show, Zach shared on what chatbots are, and we talked about how we can use them to enhance our scripts. Next we talked about the biggest mistakes people are making, and the power of using messenger bots as landing pages. We also talked about how chatbots make moving down the funnel a lot easier.

We also discussed:

  • Why we should never lose sight of the conversation
  • How to silo your conversations and bots
  • Conversion rates of messenger bot landing pages

If we don’t use chatbots correctly, they’ll end up going the way of the phone tree: no one will engage with them and they won’t achieve anything. If we want to succeed, we have to always the remember the goal. It’s not to completely replace the conversation, but to start it off so that we’re more likely to get them on the phone. We have to be intentional and targeted with what we’re trying to do so that the chats flow naturally and feel good for the end user.

Guest Bio-

Zach is the founder of Real Estate Growth Hackers. He is a real estate marketing consultant, productivity coach, author and lead gen wizard. To get Zach’s welcome bot + course for FREE, go to

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