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How to Create Your Own Market Space w/Jackie Jackson

podcast Apr 14, 2020

As real estate professionals, our activities and approaches need to be dynamic to move along with the changes in the market. Our ability to remain in business is directly impacted by how we’re able to create and dominate our own market spaces. 

How can we create our own “blue ocean” – a space in the market that we can own with little competition? What can licensed real estate professionals learn from their unlicensed peers? 

In this episode, I’m joined by real estate investor, expert, coach and mentor, Jackie Jackson as she talks about how to be unique and dynamic in this business.



Where you make money is in your authentic ability to be dynamic in your market space and create your own blue ocean. – Jackie Jackson 

Three Things We Learned From Jackie Jackson

  • How to concentrate on the solution, not the problem at a time like this where so many people are stressed and worried
  • The importance of embracing live stream and video and how investors are beating Realtors at that game.
  • How to spread our credibility across the web in a way that makes sense to every platform.


Guest Bio- 

Jackie Jackson is CEO and founder of and, Real Estate Expert, Coach & Mentor and International Television Talk Show personality with a flair for all things fashion and beauty.

For more information visit and follow @thejackiejackson on social media. 


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