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Building a $20 Million Real Estate Business on YouTube w/Jackson Wilkey

podcast Jul 21, 2020

A huge part of what real estate agents do on a daily basis is marketing. We have to bring people into our world while allowing them to know, like and trust us.

There is one platform that can help us cut this work in half, and that’s YouTube. With people already searching for local real estate content, there’s already a demand for our knowledge and expertise. 

While other niches are full of competition, the opportunity for success with localized YouTube videos is still wide open for agents. 

How do we optimize our YouTube content to make it more algorithm-friendly and attractive to potential viewers? In this episode, we’re joined by the social media influencer behind the successful channel Living in Portland Oregon, Jackson Wilkey. 

He shares tactics that can help us compete with the biggest YouTube channels and stand out in our local markets.



The number one trigger to YouTube is average view time. The longer you keep people on the video,
the more the algorithm is going to put it out there, and the higher it will rank. – Jackson Wilkey 

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How YouTube creates demand for our content
    Unlike Facebook and Instagram where people are directly connecting with people’s posts and photos, YouTube is a search engine where people are going to learn tactics or learn about real estate in a specific location. This means we can craft our content to meet the demand that’s created through this discoverability
  • How to market your video to attract instant attention
    Don’t double your thumbnail text and in the title of the video. Use different wording and copy to attract more curiosity to click on the video. At the beginning of the video tell them what they can expect to learn and see, make sure you hook people into the video to make them stay and watch the whole thing.
  • Why YouTube is the ultimate qualifier of leads
    When people work with real estate agents they got introduced to via YouTube, they already feel like they know and trust them, so the first interaction won’t feel the same as it would if it was a cold lead.


Guest Bio- 

Jackson Wilkey is a real estate professional and social media influencer. He is the co-founder of YouTube Agents, and the highly successful YouTube channel “Living in Portland Oregon.”

YouTube Agents is a platform designed to help agents expedite the process of creating a successful YouTube channel to generate business from relocations – without paying for ads.

With just a combined 3½ years of experience as a realtor, Jackson did $15M in business last year (2019), and attracted about 1,000 hot leads per year from the Living in Portland, Oregon channel.

For more information, visit or email [email protected]

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