No Excuses Today: Why You’ll Always Be Stagnant Until You Take Responsibility For Everything w/Javonne Steward

podcast Sep 07, 2021

The path to inaction is paved in excuses and procrastination. If we want to achieve anything in our lives, we only have to decide between making progress and continuing to make excuses. How do you choose the path that leads to your dreams?

We all have our fair share of baggage, and it’s easy to blame the past, trauma and other people when our lives are stagnant. But we bear the full responsibility for where we are today. The good news is, if we’re not happy with anything in our lives, we have full control to change, shift and improve.

How do we admit to ourselves that we’re not perfect and that we need work? What is the process of self-awareness and improvement that we all need to commit to?

In this episode, I’m joined by motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and certified behavioral coach, Javonne Steward​​. She shares her inspiring story and her strategies for cutting out the excuses that keep us from action.

A lot of people are stuck and can’t progress because they aren’t as self-aware as they need to be and they refuse to develop themselves.   - Javonne Steward


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Why success starts with personal responsibility
    When you accept responsibility and take control of matters, both good and bad, everything else in life will start to get easier.

  • How to change your mindset so you can stop making excuses
    The path to progress includes a self aware, personal development phase. How do we spark a change in our behavior?
  • The power of knowing your triggers
    Being self aware and knowing what triggers you is actually a superpower. Why are we at a huge advantage when we’re real with ourselves?



Guest Bio- 

Javonne Steward is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, certified behavioral coach, and devoted mother who values dedication, service, and excellence. Javonne is the founder of No Excuse Today, an organization focused on the principle of taking action in your life. Simultaneously, she is the creator of Pillow Thingy LLC, a novelty pillow company designed to encourage creativity, imagination, and entrepreneurship. In addition, she has also received acclaim for her first children’s book which she authored and self-published. 

Javonne brings unique perspectives, empowering her audiences to unleash their untapped potential. Using real-world examples, Javonne sheds light on how our innate talent is invaluable to those we seek to impact. Audiences love her presentations because they leave able to implement her practical strategies, personally and professionally. 

Given her accomplishments and trajectory, you might not have guessed Javonne spent more than a decade in foster care before being adopted. Despite that experience, she has not only transformed her own life, but she has dedicated her work and purpose to the transformation of others, especially the lives of our younger generations. With a knack for making meaningful connections and an insatiable appetite for helping others maximize their potential, Javonne knows how to rock any stage, connect with the crowd, and provide the necessary instruction for others to do the same. 

For more information visit and follow @javonne.steward on Instagram.

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