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The Real Estate Hot Seat: The Foundation of a Successful Real Estate Career with Jerry Hawn

podcast Jun 14, 2022

In real estate, no one is going to hold our hands or push us towards business success. In many ways, we have to set ourselves up for excellence on our own.

Sales is a life of faith because we have to believe in a result that hasn’t taken place yet.

How do we feed that faith so that we can have a solid business foundation?

In this episode, the real estate hot seat returns, and today Fort Worth agent Jerry Hawn and I discuss the tools that will help us succeed at a high level.


The books I like the most are the books that still influence my thought process today.  - Marki Lemons-Ryhal


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Why we need a solid mindset
    How do we make sure we’re focused on our goals and not letting outside forces impact our attitudes?

  • The biggest coaching mistakes people make
    When does coaching end and the need for implementation begin?
  • The biggest opportunity in social media right now
    How do we leverage being online to not only get our content out there but to invest in our futures?


Guest Bio-

Jerry Hawn is an agent in Fort Worth. He is proud to assist buyers, sellers, and investors with properties in the City of Fort Worth and the surrounding communities.

Jerry is a Retired Navy Veteran of 20 years. He offers his knowledge of the military and understanding its unique way of life to his fellow military members.

For more information, follow @homesbyhawn on Instagram and find him on Facebook.

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