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Mindset, Momentum & Discipline: How to Succeed By Owning Your Story w/Kim Tracy

podcast Apr 20, 2021

Entrepreneurship comes with crushing lows that can wreak havoc on our mindset and destroy our momentum - if we let them.

The hardest moments of this journey are the failures, but those challenges can be the greatest teachers, not just for ourselves but for those around us.

Even if we don’t get things right every time, there’s so much value in our experiences. The entrepreneurial journey has been about constantly tweaking who I am and what I have to offer so I can align with the best opportunities.

What are some of the biggest personal, professional and financial challenges I’ve faced? How do I use what I’ve learned throughout my life to constantly better myself?

In today’s episode, I’m in the hot seat with agent, Kim Tracy. We have a really deep conversation about some of the most powerful experiences that have shaped me as a business owner and a woman.

It’s very hard to find like-minded people who understand the life and grind of an entrepreneur so it’s very lonely at times.       - Marki Lemons Ryhal


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • The power of mentorship
    Mentorship is an important part of becoming the best versions of ourselves, but it can be hard to get access to the high-level people we can learn from. Volunteering is one of the best ways to meet people whose time is usually expensive. We can’t expect to be around the best mentors if we don’t come from a meaningful place.

  • Why our failures are a gift to the world
    Our past experiences and failures are our future skillsets and provide us with the wisdom we can impart to other people. Even if things went wrong in a venture, don’t minimize all the skill sets that have brought you this far. How do we remind ourselves of this every day to crush self-doubt?
  • How relationships play into our momentum
    It’s impossible to propel to the next level without assessing our relationships and what they really mean to us. It’s important to be around people we like, and people who actually help us improve daily. How do we find a tribe of people who think like us and make the journey easier?


Guest Bio- 

Kim Tracy is a real estate agent currently serving the greater Chicagoland area. Her real estate journey began in 2017, but she has been developing her service skills since 2005.

Kim is proud to be part of EXIT Realty's #1 most productive office in the Midwest and a resource for valuable and trusted real estate information. To connect with Kim, visit




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