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Your Overwhelm is Self-Inflicted: Running a Business That Doesn't Deplete You with Lisa Luther

podcast Aug 09, 2022

As busy real estate professionals, we often get resentful of our schedules and the demands of the job, but what if our overwhelm is self-inflicted?

When it comes to protecting our time and setting our lives up so we can function at the highest level, we’re our own worst enemy.

How do we combat the energy drain that comes with serving others? How do I handle a busy schedule that includes traveling across multiple time zones?

In this episode, I’m joined by REALTOR® and Education Director at ERA Key Realty Services, Lisa Luther. We talk about how to run a business that doesn’t zap your energy, social media best practices and where the market is headed.


If we have to always be face-to-face, or people have to always hear our voice, that’s also going to stretch us pretty thin.  - Marki Lemons-Ryhal


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How to place gatekeepers on your schedule
    If we decide not to work on specific days of the week, how do we actually make sure clients and colleagues respect that boundary?

  • Why it’s important to give social media platforms what they want
    What type of social media content is outperforming everything else?
  • How to prepare for what’s coming in the market
    What are my market predictions and how do we get ahead of them?


Guest Bio-

Lisa Luther is a REALTOR® and Education Director at ERA Key Realty Services. She also serves as the 2022 Women's Council of REALTORS® Massachusetts State Liaison and a recipient of the 2021 Leaders' Circle Award.

You can find Lisa on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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