Key Strategies & Habits For Real Estate Success w/Monica Neubauer

podcast Apr 13, 2021

Successful marketers don’t have to tell us what they’re doing. The results they get in business are evidence of a foundation of value, systems and intention. 

In real estate, it’s so easy to get bogged down by distractions, inefficiency and a lack of boundaries. When we’re not getting the results we want, the first area we need to examine is our daily work routine. 

To become effective and unstoppable, separate the essentials from what’s not moving the business forward. 

What are some of the key systems we need to have in place? What is the difference between being productive and being busy? 

In today’s episode, I’m joined by national speaker, and author of Straight Talk for Real Estate Success, Monica Neubauer. We discuss her book, and her strategies for building a strong real estate business.

Our value as real estate agents is in being that supporter and the person our clients are paying to go through the tough journey with them. - Monica Neubauer


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Why being busy isn’t the same as being productive 
    If we don’t create systems that bring efficiency into our businesses, it’s easy to end up wasting time on things that don’t serve us. Productivity is going onto social media to further our goals, while aimless activity is spending time on social platforms without a clear intention.  

  • How to engage with the public in strategic ways 
    To stand out in our markets, we have to create a strong, personable presence in our localities. One of the best ways to do this is to make connections in local government. It gives us the opportunity to deepen community relationships, become experts on the local housing market, and create highly relevant social media content. 
  • The importance of balance 
    Develop healthy boundaries between your work and personal life. Don’t be so focused on professional development that everything else suffers, and don’t neglect carving out enough time for income generating activities.


Guest Bio- 

Monica Neubauer is a national speaker, host for the NAR Center for REALTOR® Development Podcast, author of Straight Talk for Real Estate Success: 80 Tips for Structuring, Organizing and Promoting Your Business, and an education junkie. As a Maverick Motivator, Monica will show you the power of being an independent-minded person who believes in the freedom to choose your own definition of success. Get ready to feel energized with new possibilities while enjoying the journey. 

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