Real Estate Straight Talk, The Follow Up: Monica Neubauer Shares The Power of Exemplifying Your Value in a Shifting Commissions Environment

podcast Dec 28, 2021

Agents are very comfortable talking to their clients about the process of buying a home, but get really nervous when it comes to bringing up commissions.

With the buyer commission changes coming down the pipeline, talking about the numbers and the specific value we bring to the transaction is how we’re going to survive.

One of the best things we can do right now is equip ourselves with the designations and certifications that make these conversations easier, and allow us to exemplify our expertise, and not get taken out of business.

Why is the ABR designation a great way to prepare for what’s coming? In today’s episode, I’m elated to have fellow real estate speaker and author of Straight Talk for Real Estate Success, Monica Neubauer back on the show. We go through some tips from her book and the resources that will help us succeed in a competitive market.

Know and exemplify your value in the transaction. If you’re having a consultation, you have the opportunity to present your professionalism.   - Monica Neubauer


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How to prepare for the inevitable changes coming to real estate
    What changes can we expect to hit the real estate industry and how do we get ahead of them?

  • Why our jobs truly begin in the consultation
    How do we prepare our buyer clients financially and emotionally for buying homes in an uber-competitive market?
  • The power of a Transformational Information Guide (TIG)
    How do we provide so much value to our customers they won’t need to go to YouTube or other agents for information?



Guest Bio-

Monica Neubauer is a national speaker, host for the NAR Center for REALTOR® Development Podcast, author of Straight Talk for Real Estate Success: 80 Tips for Structuring, Organizing and Promoting Your Business, and an education junkie. As a Maverick Motivator, Monica will show you the power of being an independent-minded person who believes in the freedom to choose your own definition of success. Get ready to feel energized with new possibilities while enjoying the journey.

To buy Monica’s book, go to

Listen to The Center for Realtor Development Podcast at

For more information, visit, follow @monicaneubauerspeaks on Instagram or connect with her on Facebook.

Resources Mentioned

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