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High ROI Social Media Advertising Tactics w/Sam Rico

podcast Feb 04, 2020

With Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Stories, IGTV, organic posts and paid posts, there’s so much social media out there. When it comes to the right approach to take, many agents are overwhelmed and don’t know where to spend their time or money. How do we decide the right platforms to go deep on? How much money should we be spending for us to get the results we want?

On this episode, PropertySpark co-founder and CEO, Sam Rico, shares on how we can get more out of our advertising in 2020.


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A big mistake many agents make is thinking just because it’s social media, it should be free to advertise and generate leads. -Sam Rico

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profile picture should be your photo, not your logo. People are doing business with you, not your branding.
  • Spend a decent amount on advertising. If we’re not putting enough ad spend into our social media, we’ll never be able to generate enough leads for us to get any ROI, or business from it. Many agents who complain about social media not being effective aren’t putting enough ad spend towards it.
  • We can’t operate a business or generate leads without ad spend. Think of your social media ad spend the same way we thought before everything went online. Have a dedicated marketing budget.

At the start of the show, we talked about the biggest problem agents are having in social media and technology. We talked about the importance of sticking to one approach, instead of overwhelming ourselves with all the social media platforms there are out there. We also talked about why we shouldn’t be afraid to create video content.

We also discussed;

  • Why we shouldn’t be trying to do all our social media ourselves
  • How much time we should be dedicating to social media daily 
  • How to get results with organic content

Guest Bio- 

Sam is the CEO and co-founder of PropertySpark. PropertySpark does social media and lead management for agents, so they can focus on what they do best — selling homes. Visit for more information, and to sign up for Sam’s webinar and a discount on the subscription.


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