Do Your Graphics Scream Low Quality? How to Make Scroll-Stopping Designs w/Certified Canva Creator Sandee Sevilla

podcast Jan 25, 2022

Having a strong social media brand is key to standing out in a crowded, noisy real estate marketplace, and graphic design is absolutely a critical part of that equation.

Fonts, pictures and language that is distinct and tailored to us can help us grow our databases, generate leads and monetize our content, but how exactly do we make it happen?

How do we make our graphic design effortless by leveraging one powerful tool? What are some of the common mistakes that are making our brands scream low quality?

In this episode, I’m joined by the Digital Product and Content Designer, and Canva Certified Creator that I personally work with. Sandee Sevilla shares high level Canva design hacks that will make all our graphics look professional and polished.

Make sure your design is a scroll-stopper. If your fonts aren’t readable, and the text is not clean,
people won’t stop to read it.
- Sandee Sevilla


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Why fonts and colors are so important to having great designs
    What are some easily-fixable design mistakes that are costing us the attention of potential clients?

  • How to avoid low-quality, stretched out, compressed and grainy images
    How do we make sure we’re downloading the highest quality images and PDFs in Canva?
  • The profitable power of Canva
    Why are lead magnets such an important part of growing our databases and how do we create good ones?


Guest Bio-

Sandee Sevilla is a Digital Product and Content Designer, Canva Certified Creator. She provides custom design solutions to female coaches, course creators, VAs, OBMs, Social Media Managers, and entrepreneurs.

For more information visit

Check out Sandee’s pre-made Canva templates here.

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