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Own It and Live It: The Power of Telling Your Story (Good, Bad and Messy) with Sherri Jordan

podcast May 30, 2023

The ability to tell our stories and walk in our truth doesn’t just free us of shame. As a speaker and even a business owner, it also makes us more resonant and magnetic.

It’s easy to hide the difficult things that happen to us, but there’s nothing more freeing than owning what you’ve lived through, good, bad, and ugly.

How has owning my truth helped me personally and professionally?

In this episode, I’m joined by the CEO & Founder of Suite 527 Realty Group, Sherri Jordan puts me in the hot seat, and I share stories from my past that are pivotal to who I am today.


Oftentimes people have misconceptions about what they can do, but they've never even tried to do it.  
- Marki Lemons Ryhal


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Why you have to create your own intellectual property
    As a keynote speaker, how do you set yourself apart and earn more?

  • The power of manifestation
    How did I plant the seeds for everything I accomplished years ago?
  • Turning information into action
    When we’re learning something new like AI, it’s easy to keep accumulating knowledge. How do we start implementing?


Guest Bio-

Sherri Jordan is the CEO & Founder of Suite 527 Realty Group, LLC, a boutique Real Estate Firm in Bolingbrook, IL with 15 years of industry experience working with an array of clientele from first-time home buyers to seasoned investors.

She has built her real estate brokerage and team from the ground up going from an independent contractor to the owner of her brokerage with a physical office space that not only hosts training workshops for agents and business owners but community outreach and local officials events. Sherri knows there is no single path to becoming an excellent leader and that some of the most influential ones of our time have used different opportunities as challenges to becoming those leaders. Not only is Sherri a part of several Chicago Association of Realtors committees including the D77/Englewod committee and the Professional Advisory Group but she was a Mentor in the REALTOR® ELITE (Education. Leadership. Information. Thrive. Elevation) program where her expertise resulted in her nomination and subsequent receival of the ELITE Coach of the Year award.

Connect with Sherri on LinkedIn.

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