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Double Commissions & Guaranteed Repeat Business: Why Real Estate Agents Should be Working with Investors NOT Competing with Them w/Sunil Saxena

podcast Aug 10, 2021

In today’s listing scarce market, real estate investors hold the key to more property, more deals, and more income. Surprisingly, very few agents ever engage with investors. Most of us treat them as competitors, instead of allies in a challenging market. 

The bottom line is, if we aren’t actively building relationships with investors, we’re shooting ourselves in the foot. 

What are real estate investors looking for in potential Realtor partners, and how do we approach them? How do we apply an investor’s mindset to everything from homes to buying exotic cars? 

In this episode, I’m joined by Sunil Saxena, an MD who decided to bring his skill set and talents to the world of real estate investing. He shares how Realtors can double their business and their commissions by getting an investor (or three) on their side. 

Every agent should be working with investors. It’s repeat business. Once you know what they want and you have that product, they’ll pretty much always buy it from you. - Sunil Saxena


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How to get investors to want to work with us
    Every agent should have 3-5 investors in their back pocket. How can we get in front of Realtors by jumping into their DMs with value-driven personalized video messages?

  • What agents need to learn if they want to appeal to investors
    Investors are obsessed with numbers and the bottom-line. What are the 3 numbers that drive their decision to go into a deal? 
  • The massive potential of house hacking
    Dr. Sunil lives in a multi-million dollar home paying only $1250. What is his secret? 
  • Why we should be using migration patterns to our advantage
    How can we get a piece of the action in “Zoom towns” and use an emerging housing trend to make more money.



Guest Bio- 

Dr. Sunil Saxena is a life-long entrepreneur, author and speaker. He has started 6 successful companies mostly focused on real estate and real estate development. Dr. Saxena has been active in the DC real estate market since moving to the area in 2001. He has been involved in construction, remodeling, development and sales.

He has completed over 100 projects including small rehabs to larger multi-unit projects. Dr. Saxena graduated from medical school and practiced Emergency Medicine for 8 years before retiring from medicine in 2009. 

For more information, visit and follow @thesunilsaxena on Instagram.



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