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The 3 Key Elements of Success in Real Estate Marketing w/James Rembert

podcast Apr 09, 2019

For real estate agents, Facebook can be a great place for generating and converting leads. What are the 3 “boxes” your content and activity should check in order to succeed? Why is the engagement and conversion rate on Facebook so much higher than other channels? How can we make sure our messaging and platform work well together when we use Facebook? On this episode, I’m joined by James “The Zillow Killer” Rembert, who shares a plethora of information on what agents should be doing to win at the Facebook marketing game.

Watch the Full Interview:

With any paid-traffic medium, it’s always about relevance, omni-presence, and being hyper-local. Those three core concepts will win on any medium. -James Rembert

Takeaways + Tactics

  • If you want to increase your conversion rate, you have to make sure people actually interact with your brand.
  • In order to successfully use Facebook messenger, there has to be congruence between our distribution and response. Keeping all our communication native to Facebook achieves this.
  • Facebook Messenger gives us the ability to go from lead to conversation immediately because the messages open automatically.
  • What truly marks the success of your video content isn’t how many people viewed. It’s about who actually engaged with it.


Many people think of Facebook as a magical tool that just gives us leads, but that’s not the case. Facebook is an accelerator, and when we put the right systems in place, it will help grow our business. To increase our chances of success, we have to understand the market, give relevant content, push for omnipresence, and always strive to be hyper local. If we do this right, we will start attracting clients.

Guest Bio-

James “The Zillow Killer” Rembert is the founder of Digital Natives Inc. He is a talented designer and trained marketing strategist who began his journey as a licensed Realtor in New Jersey. His natural transition to marketing and advertising was birthed out of the misleading and confusing information offered to the real estate industry. To sign up for Zillow Killer Bootcamp, go to

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