The Importance of Real Estate Agent Training, Coaching & Education w/Leigh Brown

podcast Oct 22, 2019

Real estate is a unique business for many reasons, but one major reason is the disconnect between the ease of getting licensed and the level of responsibility agents undertake. Why do we need more training and education? Why is it so important for us to stop thinking of real estate as just a transaction?

On this episode, real estate CEO, coach, speaker and author, Leigh Brown talks about the importance of us getting training to improve our skills.


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Knowing the laws doesn’t make you competent. We don’t have good comprehensive education between the time of licensure and the time of knowledge. -Leigh Brown

Takeaways + Tactics

  • New agents are often given to first-time home buyers, and this is a problem. They don’t often have enough knowledge and experience to guide them through such a huge transaction.
  • Real estate transactions don’t happen in a vacuum. We impact communities, lives, families and economies. The guidance we give can actually make a huge impact, and we should take them seriously.
  • It’s not always easy to dedicate an hour a day to prospecting, but one prospecting phone call a day is more than enough to grow our business.

At the start of the show, we talked about the disconnect between the ease of getting licensed and the required expertise it takes to actually serve people. We also talked about real estate statistics when it comes to minority homeownership, and the role we have as agents to help improve communities.

We also talked about;

  • How real estate influences lives and communities
  • The importance of prospecting everyday 
  • How to create disciplined habits that benefit our businesses

There’s a huge gap between the time where real estate agents get licensed, and the moment they are fully competent, in the know, and equipped to provide the help people need to get through the transaction. The merits or pitfalls of our training of new Realtors is done on the backs of consumers, and because we’re handling such a huge thing in people’s lives, it’s unacceptable for us to go without the highest level of knowledge.

Guest Bio- 

Leigh is a successful REALTOR®, forward-thinking CEO, and #1 best-selling author. She runs one of the top real estate teams in the country, is a kickin’ keynote speaker, and LOVES everything baseball. Leigh has a gift for motivating people to become a better version of themselves. She has achieved at the highest levels and has worked with the highest ranks in business today. Her career path allows her the experience to impact business growth both large and small and her inspirational speeches have been heard all over the United States and the globe – from Miami to Dubai! From CEO’s of premier companies to REALTORS® just learning their way, Leigh’s experiences can impact any journey. Whether it be leadership structure for the new era of business or rock-solid sales techniques to blast through your goal, Leigh wants to help YOU! Go to for more information. 


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