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The Opportunities in Mobile Home Flipping w/Byron Sellers and Sharnice Williams

podcast May 28, 2019

Mobile homes are a lucrative business venture, but so few people in real estate know about it. Why are mobile homes such big business? What’s driving the growth in mobile home investment and ownership? How can you get started, even as a new investor?

On this episode, I have an exciting conversation with two young real estate investors, Byron Sellers and Sharnice Williams, who are making waves in buying and flipping mobile homes.

Watch the Full Interview:

Mobile homes are recession-proof because there will always be a need for affordable housing. -Byron Sellers

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Mobile home flips are very simple: white paint, vinyl flooring, and white appliances.  
  • Illinois has 1,098 mobile home parks, Indiana has 1,300, and Springfield is the mobile home capital of Illinois. South Carolina is the mobile home capital of the world.  
  • From as low as a 550 credit score and $1,000, you can get started. It’s a model that suits new investors.


Twenty-two million people in America live in mobile homes, and that number is set to grow because it’s such an attractive investment and residential opportunity. As the costs of living in the city continue to rise, more people are going to opt for the lower lot rentals and chance of ownership that traditional housing doesn’t offer. Ultimately, as an investor, you also get to be a part of building wonderful communities. 


Guest Bio-

Byron and Sharnice are the founders of Mobile Home Elite Investors. They are real estate investors and trainers. To learn more about them and their training, go to, check out their YouTube channel

Follow them on Instagram You can email [email protected] to talk to Byron and Sharnice directly.

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