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Go From “Post-and-Hope” to Guaranteed Attention w/Tristen Sutton

podcast Feb 18, 2020

Facebook and Instagram ads have caused a major paradigm shift in marketing and advertising as we know it. How do Facebook ads allow us to fine-tune all our marketing efforts? Do we need thousands of followers to have success with social media advertising?

On this episode, social media advertising specialist and consulting, Tristen Sutton shares why we need to invest more in Facebook ads.


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Facebook Ads essentially force your brand and content into the news feeds of the tablets, phones and computers of your target market, instead of a post-and-hope strategy. -Tristen Sutton


Takeaways + Tactics

  • Don’t have a Blockbuster strategy in a Netflix Reality. We must first accept that everything evolves and that social media is a phenomenal way to get attention and build awareness in today’s world.
  • Video Ads are the perfect way to feel out an audience, it’s a self-selecting type of ad. If they watch 25% or more of the video, we know they are interested and we can put them into their own bucket to retarget them.
  • Likes and follows don’t matter as much if you run ads. Facebook Ads make us exempt from the algorithm. If you don’t have enough followers, building awareness is as simple as running ads.
  • The 4 ads every Realtor should run are reach ads, video ads, website traffic ads and open house ads.


At the start of the show, Tristen shared the first thing an agent with no online presence or a Facebook page should do. Next, we talked about how many impressions and clicks we can potentially get from $1000 worth of ad spend. We also talked about how Facebook ads make us exempt from having a lot of likes and followers.

We also discussed;

  • How to use Facebook Ads to supplement your direct mail 
  • How video advertising gives us the opportunity to retarget effectively
  • Where the attention is and why we should focus our efforts there


Guest Bio- 

Tristen Sutton is a social media advertising, branding and marketing strategist. He has become the go-to strategist for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for proven branding & marketing strategies that will drive their business to the top in their market space. After years of seeing low returns from traditional marketing efforts, Tristen decided to try something new and shifted his efforts toward social media. Almost overnight, he began to see the tide change in his business, going from chasing potential clients to clients reaching out to him seeking to do business. Tristen soon became known as the “Branding Jedi” on social media and in the business community for his unconventional methods in marketing his business. For more information visit , text FREE GUIDE to 31996 to access a free resource, or text WORK WITH ME to learn about working with Tristen. 


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