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Virtual Properties: How to Leverage 3D Virtual Tours w/Amir Frank

podcast Jul 23, 2019

As real estate entrepreneurs, we should always be on the leading edge of technology and ways to show our listings off in their best light. What are virtual properties and how can we leverage Matterport devices and videos to give clients a feel for a house?

On this episode, I’m joined by Matterport Marketing Content Manager, Amir Frank who shares a new and unique way to create engaging real estate content.

Watch the Full Interview:

360-degree models essentially allow you to virtually walk the visitor through the space, and you can show them things that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to see in a listing. -Amir Frank

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Start at the lowest level of the home and work your way across that level and then go up to the next level and capture the rooms in that order, instead of jumping from room to room.
  • For $69 a month, we can have 25 3D videos active on Matterport.
  • The 3D video can be enhanced by adding additional videos, documents and landing pages to them.


The benefit of technology is that it allows us to leverage tools that don’t just make us more efficient in business, but can enhance the customer’s experience. We don’t just have normal photos and videos at our disposal for listings, we can take our listings to the next level with 360-degree videos and 3D virtual tours. Bringing that level of detail allows people to see themselves inside of that space, and imagine themselves living there. We should always be employing a Blue Ocean strategy and doing what other entrepreneurs aren’t doing. Matterport’s cameras and videos are one way we can set ourselves apart.


Guest Bio-

Amir is the Marketing Content Manager at Matterport, a company dedicated to capturing, creating, and distributing beautiful, interactive 3D models. Go to for more information.


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